Cold Storage

Looking For Cost-Effective Cold Storage
Solutions In Melbourne?

Zion Fresh is the perfect cold chain logistics partner for your needs. We provide a full range of cold storage facilities customised to your individual requirements. With our cold storage facility in Melbourne, you can keep your temperature-controlled products at their best with full inventory management and safety. Our continuous investment in the latest frozen goods storage technologies ensures both flexibility and certainty.

Providing Best Cold Storage Services

Zion Fresh specialises in distribution and storage locally for a wide range of diverse products. We have all the required storage space, starting from small to large cold storage, to support the needs of many different industries across the Greater Melbourne region. All of our cold storage warehouse maintains industry standards regarding food safety. So, join us and witness the most compelling logistic cold chain experience possible.

Committed Industry Leader

Zion Fresh is a dedicated Melbourne based frozen cold storage company that prides itself on quality services. We take great pride in our commitment to providing innovative delivery and freezer storage solutions complemented by outstanding customer service. When you are looking for trusted cold storage near you, you’ll always see Zion Fresh as an extension of your business, working tirelessly to ensure all of your needs have been met. We understand the key role that frozen storage plays in local logistics; hence, we specialise in this area.

Over 16 Years Experience

Zion Group has provided a range of logistic services in Melbourne for decades. We have the experience to tailor our services to your needs. We provide frozen cold storage & same-day delivery. We offer the best in frozen product management and cover all of your needs with expert inventory management—from transportation to warehousing solutions across Melbourne, Geelong & Mornington Peninsula. Our in-house experts, who are trained to handle perishables, know the best to manage all of your temperature-sensitive products.

Preserving Your Frozen Goods In A Suitable Environment

Our freezer storage facilities in Melbourne preserve every product we care for in the right atmosphere so they stay in perfect condition for longer. Your frozen goods are kept according to your needs. Experience the difference- our smart technology and innovative automation are exactly what you need for frozen goods storage and transportation.

Full-Service Frozen & Cold Storage

Zion Fresh ensures secure warehousing and cold storage refrigerated/freezer service in Melbourne and Victorian suburbs. These are precise solutions tailored to your specific needs. We are committed to providing our customers with a competitive edge by delivering a reliable, flexible and cost-effective perishable goods warehousing facility. By utilising our dedicated storage facility, your products will be available on-demand at a more competitive cost.

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“Amazing team who have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend Zion Fresh company more highly.”

Kelly, COO, Roll’d

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our experience with handling frozen products?

Zion Group has been a leader in the logistics industry for over 16 years and going stronger than ever. We’ve managed to earn the trust of small and big businesses of various kinds. The backbone of our company is a group of employees with decades worth of experience in the field. No matter what you require, Zion Fresh has got you covered with expert cold storage freezer service that will be tailored specifically towards meeting those demands. We’re investing in our processes to respond quickly and efficiently to the growing demand for frozen delivery.

  • We deliver the products the way you expect.
  • Dedicated customer service to answer questions
  • Temperature monitoring with real-time tracking for fast and efficient deliveries
  • Hassle-free and swift deliveries with flexible options
  • We service the entire Melbourne and Victoria region with our comprehensive coverage.
  • Complete cold storage freezer management with the transport of frozen products (-18°C)
What temperature do you offer for freezer storage?

Frozen products need to be handled and stored with care to avoid compromising quality. We recommend that you never store any product food warmer than -18 degrees. We set the temperature as per your requirement. Our experience as a cold storage provider in Melbourne would be handy for your business.

How do you address frozen food products storage and distribution challenges?

Frozen foods are the hardest to store and distribute. They need a temperature of -18 degrees or below to maintain the highest quality during high ambient conditions (which is always challenging). The ubiquitous use of temperature fluctuations in storage can lead to product deterioration. There could be adverse results, including a change in taste and appearance from the original. The main downside of frozen food distribution is its inherent fragility. That’s where our excellent cold storage services prove handy. We have stringent processes to protect against spoilage from heat or moisture exposure while still providing high-quality delivery experiences. We have cold storage Melbourne warehousing facilities for all your needs.

Is it okay if I don’t have a big order for chilled or frozen goods delivery?

Sure, no problem. We have the perfect supply for any demand. No order is too big or small for us. We keep consistent communication with our customers about their needs and then determine how best to allocate our resources. So we will go out of our way to meet your needs for refrigerated delivery, irrespective of the contract size.

What is the difference between LTL and FTL?

FTL OR Full truckload shipping is perfect for large shipments or volumes of goods that take up the entire load. Most companies use this option to ensure their freight doesn’t get stuck with other products, and they can still book a full load even if it’s not taking up all capacity on one vehicle.

LTL or Less than truckload or less than load is when one trailer carries freight from multiple shippers. LTL is a type of trucking that’s becoming more popular with small business owners because it can be less expensive than shipping many items individually. For many small businesses, LTL shipping is ideal for getting their goods from across town without having too much hassle. Small business owners can enjoy flexibility due to budget constraints.

How essential are storage and distribution services?

Your business logistics chain is essential, and a company with end-to-end storage solutions can be the difference between success and failure. With chilled food delivery services that provide distribution and storage assistance in one convenient package deal, you won’t have to worry about where to store excess inventory across all channels anymore. And here’s the best part – our chilled food delivery services are 100% custom to your specific needs.

Putting your refrigerated delivery on autopilot is the only way to ensure long-term business success. A professional team with an end-to-end solution will take care of all aspects from picking up goods, packing them for transport, and then delivering everything when it arrives at its destination without you having anything else leftover than satisfied customers.

How can our experience in frozen product logistics help your business?

We provide a service that goes beyond frozen product management and supply chain visibility. We’re far from just another logistics company. We have custom solutions to integrate into any temperature-controlled supply across industries of different sizes and regulatory requirements. Stop searching for “freezer storage rental near me” on the internet and contact us. Our strategically located Freezer storage facilities offer a perfect way to manage your frozen inventory, storage, and distribution requirements.